Thursday, June 18, 2015

Visual Learning: Mind Maps & Word Clouds

   Today I explored a neat little website called Here you can create mind maps for writing, breaking down topics, studying, or even planning your life. I teach a poetry unit and created this mind map I could possibly turn into a bulletin board or poster in addition to showing notes to my students.

   I had the information in front of me, so creating it wasn't too hard once I figured out how to use the program.

   The other tool I explored tonight was using word clouds. In the past, I have used the webtool, Wordle. My teacher provided us with a list of other word cloud builders I could use as well. I had some technical difficulties, so I am going to stick with Wordle.


  1. I think is the simplest of all the mind maps. They get fancier, with pictures and videos, but not that all-important simple for certain learners.

    Can you share what technical difficulties you had with the word clouds? I'm always interested in what stops learners from using a tool.

  2. Jacqui, the problem I have had in the past is with Wordle. I made some great word clouds, but struggled with saving the image to use elsewhere.

  3. Ah. I've seen more than one person struggle with the embed codes. Often, we settle for a screenshot!